Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ok here goes..let the blogging begin!!

I've been sisterlock stalking so many people's blogs, so I decided to create my own little journey. I have been locked since 8-18-08 (how cool is that??lol). It actually took 3 days to complete my instillation 8-17, 8-18, and 8-19 so I just decided to pick the middle date to celebrate my anniversaries!
Sadly, this is not my first set of sisterlocks. I had a bad experience in June 2
008, my locks were improperly installed. I am super meticulous about my hair so because I was so unhappy with the size, parting, tension etc so I took them out that month. For these reasons and more, I pride myself in strictly following the sisterlocks methods on my clients.

Why sisterlocks? I never had issues with my hair. I have always had a thick head of hair, I was just tired of revolving my life around my hair. It had been over
10 yrs since I had a perm in my hair. If my hair wasn't natural, I would be in the beauty shop every week getting my hair pressed and curled. I was slx trained in august 07, but was not ready then to get slx. I always told myself "when I'm 30 or when I have kids" I'd lock my hair, but one day I had to ask myself what was really stopping me from doing it?? MEE!!

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