Monday, March 23, 2009

I heart Carol's Daughter!!


I confess....I am absolutley obsessed with
Carol's Daughter products. I find myself strolling through Macy's, on the web, etc during my free time. I really don't use any of her products on my hair because it hasn't settled in yet. However, I have tried the tui leave in conditioner and it works really well. I have the khoret amen also, but it doesn't smell as good as tui products. I can't wait for my hair to settle in so I can experiment with some of her other products (Marguerite's Magic is on my list)

Despite how much of a product junkie I am... I am faithful to supporting and following the sisterlocks methods implemented my Dr. Cornwell
I love using the sisterlocks products and I was so happy when I found out they came out with a essential oil mist. This mist is light weight and gives your hair a nice scent and sheen.


Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

What a beautiful smile you have Kee.

I love Carol's Daughters products as well, I am actually putting in an order as I type :)

Kee's Sisterlocks said...

Thanks Abena! I just got a package from Lisa herself. When I saw her I told her how much I loved goddess flower oil (and it's discontinued). She asked me for my address and sent me a huge bottle of the oil. I love supporting black businesses