Friday, April 2, 2010

Life as a Full TIme Grad Student

So far I'm in my second semester at USF for a masters of public health. The weather is so great here it almost makes it impossible to be stressed by school. Currently, I am working as a volunteer research assistant. Along with a small group of students I have been trained to recruit and interview women living with HIV. The aim of the study is to gather information regarding how best to adapt Healthy Relationships, an evidence-based group intervention to help WLH build healthy and safe relationships, for online dissemination via video-conferencing technology. The proposed adaptations, Healthy Relationships-WEB, will reach more women in need of HIV programs. Participating in this field experience has not only made me further appreciate the human diversity of women living with HIV, but has reaffirmed my belief that public health alone does not have the tools to meet the needs of these women. My experiences with undergraduate research, graduate research, and grassroots work have provided valuable exposure to the multi-faceted field of anthropology and public health. But my long-term goal is to become a leader in the field health, with a specific focus in maternal and child health.
USF has an awesome dual degree program for MA/MPH with the department of anthropology and January 2010 I submitted an application for the medical anthropology program. I should be hearing something any day if I got accepted or not. Although I want this second degree really bad, God know what is best and either way I will be ok!

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